Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New "Tricks" - And Chiropractor Progress

I had another semi disorganized day here at home.  The landlord came down to clean up the carpet for us.
He did come over to say hi to me while I was on the couch, he got a little too close for my comfort, Devin told the landlord to stop. He said he wasn't going to touch me, Devin went and got a dried beef liver snack for the landlord to give to me.  I think I can tolerate him, as long as there is food around.

Devin tried a new thing with me. "Wait" while putting a piece of snack in front of me.  I picked up on it pretty fast. Devin put a finger down in front of it, and told me to wait, then took the finger away. I looked off in the other direction. When Devin said it was okay and gave it a little push towards me, I gobbled it up.  We did this a few times today.  Success***

This morning I woke Devin up for breakfast. It was around 7am.  I know Devin was all confused, as we normally get up earlier for me and go back to bed.  Devin had to stop and think if it was time to go out or eat.  See, even Devin gets mixed up when we don't follow our patterns. *hehe*

I went to the chiropractor today.  She worked on me some more. Apparently I've "changed" since last time, it's neither good nor bad. Dr. Nat explained it as if there was no change, then the doctor isn't doing anything. Perhaps my body is starting to heal itself up. *yay*
Devin and I were going up that path for a while when we'd check the post office for the arrival of my collars. 

I insist on stopping and staring up the path on each walk.  Maybe one day we will go across the road again...
Hiding out while the landlord cleans the carpet
Tuckered out from my visit with Dr. Nat
Oh, you're still there?

Devin is back on days tomorrow, but only for one day. *yay* Nana will be by to hang out with me.


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