Friday, May 25, 2012

Arts and Crafts, Foiled!

Nana foiled my plans for afternoon arts and crafts today.

I've been leaving the TP roll in the bathroom garbage for when Devin went back to work today.  I had plans on making another beautiful arrangement, but Nana took it out of the bin and placed it in the other bin that has a lid.

What's a boy to do when left home alone?   I slept the day away.  It's kinda nice when Devin goes to work; it gives my peepers a break from all that camera flashing.

When Devin came home from work today I was there are the door with my nose poking around the opening. I was insanely happy to have my Devin back with me.  Okay, truth be told I was ready for supper.
Once I had supper I went off to my nest for some R n' R. 

I'd like to make mention too that I'm not overly impressed with Devin.  I had what felt like a horse pill dropped to the back of my throat.  It was a terrible appetizer!

Ah well, 1 down, 4 more to go!

I have an appointment with Dr. Janet on Tuesday morning at 830am.  I'm going to go there to have some "sleepytime" X-rays done of my right shoulder/leg/foot area.

Wish me luck!


Oh here we go again...
The Look - are you done?

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