Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gotcha Day Photos And Day Recap

What a greyt day!

Devin and I puttered around together.
We went for walks
Shopped at petvalue for some "gotcha day" gifts
Went for an oil change (i hung out in the backseat and munched on my new snack)
Went for a visit at Nana's
Came home, had a special supper - my kibble with a can of sardines *NOM NOM*

More learning and accepting today. When it was time for me to jump into the truck after my shopping spree, Devin tried to take away my new "chewie" so I could jump up into the truck.  I resisted, Devin didn't push the issue for a moment. Less than a minute later, Devin tried again. I gave up the chewie, jumped into the truck.  Devin held the promise and gave it back to me.  I went to town chewing up a storm.
 Devin pet me a few times while I chomped away. No growling, no aggression whatsoever.  PROGRESS.
When it came time for me to get out of the truck Devin was able to remove the chewie from me.  I was told I could have it back when we got into the house; Devin kinda fibbed.  At some point between the truck and the house Devin decided I might have had a little too much.  I didn't get it back :(
Instead Devin did end up cutting it into 3 pieces for me.  Now i have 3  6inch pieces of chewie to NOM NOM on.

I went back to bed after breakfast.
Cuddling with the pillow. It makes a nice body pillow :)
Laying on the carpet at petvalue with my new chewie "Bull Wrinkle" - Devin was a bit grossed out when we found out what it was.  I didn't care, I pulled the biggest one from the basket. NOM NOM
Proud as punch with my new chewie, I carried it across the parking lot to the truck


Meanwhile, back home from petvalue - I ran into the back of my nest with my new chicken stuffy :)
Psst, can you see all that hair growth on my thighs???
Going crazy town on the chicken
Taking a breather
Tuckered out~
Quick nap
Back in the truck, on our way for the oil change. NOM NOM -6inch chewie  (even with the chewie being smaller in size, I let Devin take it from me ~ learning~)
Do I...Don't I... Do I.... so tempting...
Another quick nap
Visiting with Nana and Rye-Lee
z z z  (don't mind Nana's knees, she's been outside weeding)
Hanging out with Devin :)
Gotcha Day Supper with Sardines *NOM NOM*
Is this what sleeping on a cloud feels like??
This ...Is...Heaven...

Hanging out with my new chicken - both feet squeak and the belly "moos"??
Taken May 11, 2011 - naked thighs, napping in the safety of my "nest"
Taken May 10, 2012 - What a difference a year makes.

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
    - Unknown


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