Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spa Day and Chicken Feet

The day started off like any other day. Devin came home from night shift, we went for our morning stroll, I had breakfast then went back to bed.
Around 11am, Devin woke up to find me laying out in the hall - I do this when I'm thinking about going outside, but i'm not too sure how to ask.  Devin asked me if i wanted to go out, I got up and off we went for a mini walk. 

When we came back in I had my teeth brushed for me; then it wasn't long after that Nana came by and I ended up in the tub.  I should have known the bath that was drawn was for me, and not Devin.  I did the creeping along protest with my head almost between my front legs, as i was steered into the bathroom.  Devin told me to get in, reluctantly I stepped in, one foot at a time until I had all four feet in there.  Devin poured water down my back, I think i'm part duck, as the water just repelled right off of me.  The shower head came out next.  Nana told Devin that she thought I was wet enough; *hint hint* lets get the bathing part going.  I was soaped up and lathered good. It seemed to take forever for Devin to rinse me off.  Nana gave me a piece of dried beef liver while I stood there patiently getting rinsed off. 

I haven't scratched since having my bath; I suppose this bathing thing isn't such a terrible thing.
Oh, I almost forgot.  After Devin rinsed me off, out came that darn ear cleaning stuff.  Devin went to put some in my ear and I acted like I was about to be beaten.  My Drama Queen Diva side came out in me.  Devin didn't even so much as touch the outside of my ear when I started to squirm and make a wee bit of a scene.  Devin told me "I didn't even touch you yet".  I guess I should work the timing of my "Dramatic Diva" ways a little better, ya know, so they correspond with when i'm actually having something done to me.  haha

My ears were cleaned with success. No cold liquid in them, just on Kleenex and a little digging.  After I was dried off I made my way to my nest, where I continued to give Devin dirty looks for a few hours.

We went out for an evening stroll and got caught in a bit of a cloud burst.  My second shower of the day!
Dried off and toddled off into my nest for the evening.  

7 more days until my First Gotcha DaY!

My first roach on the couch

Pre bath today:
Curled up like a fox
Post bath:

For being such a good boy - Frozen Chicken Foot!!

Err yeah, those are toes sticking out of my mouth. what's it to ya??

Post bath- in my nest feeling a bit put off.
Moved on from looking disgusted with Devin.
What was life like before pillows??

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