Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This is how we rooooooooooach

Typical morning, we went for our walk, i came back and vegged. Before getting up on the couch I looked at Devin for permission to be up there.  When Devin said it was okay, i jumped up and found myself a comfy spot to lay in.
 I haven't made much of an attempt to get up on the big bed.  I've been laying in my own bed roaching away.

Sheepie decided to roach with me :)
I make the couch look tiny

Slyvia called us this afternoon. I'm booked in for a massage on Saturday morning at 9am.
She gave us the option of her coming here; Devin told her it might be a better idea of we go see her, as i've been a bit "meh" with other people touching me lots at our home.

Nana comes by tonight - THEN TOMORROW: I get my Devin all to myself again.  Only one night shift to nap through :)


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