Monday, May 7, 2012

Super Sleeps and Green Sprouts

Nana dropped in to take me out for a mid afternoon "out".  I was out cold having a super sleep when Nana came in. Apparently Nana was shaking and shaking my liver treat container about, I was clueless.  I did finally come to and came to the shaking.

Off we went on our walk, I sure can gallop on the grass.  No pain!

Some Greens Before Supper :)
When Devin got home I was up on the bed, just hanging out. Devin joined me for a cuddle, then off we went out for our mini walk.  I walked about a block, did my thing then came home.  I hobbled something awful across the parking lot.  :(

Tomorrow Nana is going to come by and feed me my supper.  When Devin gets off work we have to jet back on the highway to Dr. Nat's for my 7pm chiropractor appt.

We'll see what Dr. Nat has to say, and will likely being giving Sylvia a call for another massage. 

That's it for now.  Day shift for Devin equals, not a lot of computer time for me :)


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