Monday, May 14, 2012

It's A Greyt Life

Devin and I are still recovering from the stress of the flood yesterday.  I have been more than happy to lay around. It's one of my favorite things to do.
Hangin' out with the chick

Chicken snuggles
Devin tried to get me to play with my chicken a few times. I gave it a few squeaks and called it quits.

The landlord stopped by to tighten something on the water tank.  He tried to pet me while I was on the couch, Devin told him not to, but he insisted on trying to pet me. I flashed my pearly whites at him. 
Could you believe he was daring enough to try to go in for another pet when Devin told him not to, that I don't give a lot of warning.  Finally he listened --
Devin did evict me from the couch, i was reluctant to get off the couch and made a grumble as i got scooted off. I went right into my nest and laid there.

Hanging out in my crate after being evicted from the couch
Devin called Bill at gracanada to ask him what to do about this.  Bill said more or less that the landlord doesn't belong here, that he's a stranger and I was just letting him know that he doesn't belong.  
Now, if I start to pull that with Devin or Nana, then i am to lose my couch / bed privileges.  I'm not to be penalized for strangers.

I've been really good with Nana lately.  She was sitting on the couch here and I hopped up to join her, mind you I laid at the opposite end of the couch, but in the past, I wouldn't have gotten up there with her. 

Back to chicken snuggles on the couch, gotta rest up for my chiropractor appointment tomorrow.
Oh, I also have a massage booked for Saturday at 9am.  It's A Greyt Life :)


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