Thursday, May 10, 2012

Milo's First Gotcha Day - May 10, 2012


Can you believe it's been 1 whole year since I've been in my forever home?
It didn't take me long to settle into the retired life.  I quickly learned what "comfy" spots I could rest my sleepy head on.  I still prefer my "nest" most days, but at night time if i fall asleep on the couch or in my nest,  most times then not, i will find my way to the bedroom to rest on my bed.

Just to list a few things I have learned:
*How to go up and down stairs
*How to share my toys - new toys given to me are no longer "high value". I don't guard them.
*Learned what "mirrors" were all about.  So confusing, I thought I had a playmate for the first few days
*Learned that counter surfing is not acceptable, my bad! I thought it was a buffet, no?  *hehe*
*NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free).
*Learned how to:
sit, stay, wait, lay down, give me 5, roll over

Things I'm still learning:
Glass doors - I try to gently walk through them. I don't always understand them.
"wait" - I don't always have grety control when food is involved, but i'm still learning

There is so much still for me to explore, everyday there is something new, may it be a situation I haven't been in, or a sound.  This is A Greyt Life~

Stay tuned: Devin and I are going shopping for my Gotcha Day gifts, my choice! :)

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