Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Case In Mistaken Identity and The Limpies

This morning while we walked past the park, a husband wife and her children were coming out from the park.  The lady asked her husband if I was a German Shepherd; Devin turned around and told them what I was. :)  Do I really look like a German Shepherd??

As we continued on our walk we stopped and talked to another lady, she was full of questions. She said at first she thought I was missing an ear (i had it pointing back while the other flopped forward).  Off we went on our way...

We went over to Nana's to hang the clothing out on the line. Devin put a blanket down for me to lay on. I was happier than a pig in mud to be laying outside, enjoying the nice warm breeze and sunshine; even though i was laying in the shade.  It was a nice change of scenery.
Found me a comfy spot on the grass to lay

Enjoying the fresh air

 Once back home I went climbed up on the couch and passed out.
Afternoon nap

Devin thought I needed to go outside, we went for a VERY short walk.  I made it about 6 houses away before i came to a stop and laid down.  I didn't want to go any further.
Nope, not walking any further
My shoulder is still bothering me, I'm limping even more on harden surfaces.
Devin is going to make an appointment for me to see Dr. Janet for:
1) heart worm/flea/tick meds
2) something for my shoulder

Hangin' out in my nest.
Back home in my nest... All this fresh air makes me more sleepy than usual :)


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