Sunday, May 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up

 May 26, 2012
Devin and I were a bit on the tired side yesterday (may 26, 2012), My apologies to my views

I'm getting good at surprising Nana. One minute i'm in the bedroom, the next moment i'm quietly waiting for Nana to turn around and drop some cranberries into my dish.

When Devin came home I was poking my nose near the door.  I'm getting good with this "Greeting" thing.

I had supper and decided I'd "play".  Playing for me consists of rooting through my bin of toys, pulling out what might interest me - usually a few toys, sit with it for a moment, then head off to my nest. 

Hmm....... what shall I play with today?

My frog was the winner!
 Devin actually got me to run after my chicken.  After chasing it down the hall I made a straight line for my nest, dropped it in the back and went for a nap.

I'm not enjoying the pills - for the record
Keeping the chicken safe

May 27, 2012 
Giving Devin the, do you really have to leave eyes. Actually truth be told, these are more like my, I'm waiting patiently for you to give me my KONGS.  Can you leave already for work eyes?

The Nana Files:

When Nana came into the apartment she found me laying on the bed. I sure do love resting up against the pillows. Not only do they feel comfy on my back, i think they smell a bit like Devin too.

Guess who I met when Nana and I went out for my "out"? 
She's the black lab from down the hall. She lives where my old girlfriend Lucy used to live :(

We met up outside today and made nice with each other.  She came over and we sniffed each others noses for quite some time.  I think she was flirting with me, she gently raised her front paw and softly rubbed my face. We stayed nose to nose for quite a while until Sophie had to go for her walk with her daddy.

When Devin came home today I was a bit slow moving in coming to the door.  I had a hobble on with a bit of a bounce in my step.
Devin put on my both collars and leash, once in the hallway my leash was unattached and off I went. I zip zoomed up and down half the length of the hallway about 6 times before Devin had a chance to even make it to the end of the hallway.  Weeeeeeee

I leaped up the stairs, and off we went for our pre dinner "out".  I did well on the grass; but as soon as i hit the pavement/driveway I was hobble central.

Once back home Devin gave me my pill before supper.  I'd like to put it out there that Devin isn't always the greytest at giving pills. This time it didn't go back far enough, I ended up chomping on it in an attempt to remove it from my mouth. *yuuuuucky*   I was given a few pieces of dried liver treats to compensate for the poor pill administration.  Just as supper was about to be served Devin found part of the pill that I chomped in half on the floor.  Here we go again! is what I was thinking.  It wasn't terrible, i got to chase it back with a piece of dried beef liver (again).    Supper was served, i ate that up in a hurry then found myself on the couch for a bit.  

I got up from the couch and did something Devin hasn't seen me do before.  I walked over to the fish tank, stretched and laid there looking in the direction of Nana's and Grampa Brian's engagement photo.

She looks familiar.....
*thinking* *looking* 

I laid there for sometime until Devin decided to bother me.  I got up and wandered to the opposite side of the ottoman and laid down.   I humored Devin and played with a few of my toys before retiring to my nest.

 I think i'll hang out in here, Devin tends to leave me alone for the most part when I'm inside my nest.  A guy needs his privacy / alone time every now an then.  I did live in quite the "apartment" complex during my racing career - never being alone, but I always had a space to call my own.

Off to laze around,


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