Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Can Be Stubborn Too or Rather Strong Willed

Devin got up around 2pm and started bugging me to go outside.  I didn't want anything to do with outside, as i now associate "wanna go out" with "here comes the boot".  I was stronger willed than Devin today.

Devin put down a few pieces of dried beef liver into my dish and did the "See you later, be back in a bit" - I'm on to that one too.  The door opened and closed, Devin didn't go anywhere. I wasn't playing that game.  
Devin though on the other hand tried this game with me for about 10mins or so.  Finally Devin went back to bed, i waited a bit before coming out of my nest to snatch up my snacks and bolted right back into my nest.

Devin waited a bit, came out and tried to get me to go outside. I managed to position myself so i was about half way back inside my nest.  In other words, I was unreachable - or so i thought.....
Keeping a safe distance inside my nest.
Yeah, I was wrong.  Devin sat outside my nest giving me a few liver treats, then it happened.  Out came the plastic wrap and other accessories.
Devin won, but so did I (mid yawn) - I managed to get beef liver treats out of the ordeal!
guess i'll just lay here and wait this one out....
This is how we roll....
are we almost done??
Day 5 - completed

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