Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shredding!!! I found "my fun" (day 13 treatment)

I've had such a wonderful morning so far. 

Got Devin up for breakfast
Went back to bed
Foot treatment while laundry was on the go
Day 13 - Pre treatment
Napping - waiting for phase 2
hiding my face into the couch  - go away everyone

Laundry taken out and brought back to apartment, waited for foot treatment to be done
(didn't make a peep either time when Devin left for laundry, NOR was I given a KONG - I was waiting in the hallway though for the return)
hanging out in the hallway
Leaning on a friend
friends make greyt pillows

Devin was able to get a fingernail in and around my corn again today to help separate the good from the bad.  We're on our way!

Post morning treatment.
Went to Nana's, laid out on the patio

catchin' a few z's on the patio
enjoying the outdoors
 Went for a walk, did what I had to do
Back to Nana's to lay on the patio
got an itch - chewed my pad

Devin brought up a stack of newspapers
I was given a section to "read".   I WENT CRAZY TOWN on it :)   

chomp chomp
Tired - Had to take a nap from all that shredding
Le sigh :)
and napping again

 Happy Shredding!

packed up and heading home from Nana with my bag of goodies "PAPER"!!!!

Looking a little drunk off the paper high
mine..all mine...
This is a greyt life!
Almost nap time.  Devin work nights tonight.  Nana will be over to hang out with me at some point.
Nana said today that she doesn't mind cleaning my KONGS for me, but she draws the line at picking up shredded paper from. *hehe*

Love you Nana!


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