Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Nana Files

Nana came over last night to take me out. I was most comfy on the big bed and couldn't be bothered to raise my head when she came into the bedroom.

 *Flash*  Photo one was taken
*blink blink*

Nana dropped only 2 craberries in my dish.  I'm getting good at sound counting. I didn't move.  Silly Nana had to drop them in there a few times to get me to come out from the bedroom.  I suppose silly me, i fell for the double/triple drop.

I went outside and did what I had to do.  Nana didn't have to ask me, unlike the previous night.
I'm comfy - not moving protest
Nana expected me to come running for these.  haha  
Eventually the joke was on me.  I did *hmpft*
Waiting for Nana to do her thing - THE KONG TIME!  until then *mope mope*

Yesterday before work Devin had to turn down the air conditioning. The first indication that I was maybe on a bit of the chilly side was when I used my armpit as a nose holder/warmer.

When Devin came home this morning from work, I thought i'd play it cool today and wait on the bed.
 I had a few wags of the tail, but looked lovingly - something I don't do too often. 

On the move, looking for some sprouts - i didn't mow too many lawns free of charge today.

Cuddles while waiting for breakfast to be served
Happy :)

Nana is back over again tonight!   One more human sleep, then Devin and I can hang out.
I think we may be going over to see the twins and angel tomorrow.  It's suppose to be real hot. MAYBE I'll use my pool yet.


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