Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 10 (Treatment)

Last night I kinda took over the couch...

Streeettccch - z z z z
Pillow z z z z z's
Nana came over today....

Out cold
Once back in from our "out" Nana gave me..... an ice cube????
Turning my head away from the ice cube.  What's up with that Nana?? Where's my KONG??
back into my nest - waiting for my KONG.  Insulted by the ice cube Nana gave me.
ice cube

This morning Devin didn't get up early to do my foot. We decided it would be okay if I only had 1 treatment today. Ideally I should have 2 treatments in a day, but it's just far too early when Devin has a 12hr work day.

When Devin came home from work I was in the bedroom.  Devin managed to get me up off my bed to go "out".  I ran down the hall, and was cut off at the pass.  That Devin sure is quick!  I was stopped just as i attempted to enter into my nest.  Devin closed the door, and off we went on my pre supper "out".

After supper Devin did my foot treatment for me.
Hanging out on the couch...waiting for phase 1of treatment to be over
Post Treatment - Day 10
Post treatment - Day 10

Devin and I are going to hang out with each other tomorrow. Maybe if it's not too hot we can go to the park or go on a long walk.

time for bed!


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