Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 13 - Evening Treatment

I wasn't suppose to have a treatment this evening as Devin's working nights.  BUT... Devin got up after a brief nap and got to work on my foot. 

We are running a bit behind on time.  Apparently "Time" matters in the human world.  We'll have just enough of it to finish up my treatment, do a quick "out", have supper and KONGS.

Day 13 Evening treatment:
waiting for phase 1 to end
 Devin made things kinda fun this evening while we waited for phase 1 to be over with.  I got my teefers brushed!  I don't know how I didn't like that in the beginning.  I loooooovvveeessss it!

Wow, that was record time.  We still have 10mins before it turns to 5pm. 
I'm back in from my walk and a brief trot.  Supper was delicious as always!

Something new with me:  I gulp down my water after i'm done eating.  Maybe it's the change in formula?
I went from a 1-5yrs  to 5+ formula.  
Devin also noticed that my thighs are balding some and my bum hair is thinning out.   Could it be from the foot cream? Food change or time of the year??

hanging out
 Devin had a hard time getting me off the couch after my treatment. I was more than content (that and my treatment boot was replaced with my walking boot) laying on the couch.  I had the pillow taken from me, collars put on, i still chose to lay there.   Devin finally got me to "move move move" and up i popped.
post evening treatment
post evening treatment.

It's almost "alone time" -  'til Nana comes over!! :)


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