Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nana Files - June 5, 2012

When Devin rolled over to see what I was up to this morning, I was found cuddled up with the body pillow. My head was tucked under it tightly while my legs were sprawled atop it. 

Devin flopped a hand on me to say good morning, i guess I was a bit chilly to the touch as Devin kept feeling around to make sure I was still breathing.   I do tend to sleep rather heavy and don't move for much; not to mention my breathing at times is pretty quiet and slow. 
cuddling the body pillow
 z z  z
Devin pulled back the pillow, i slipped my head back under it some.  z z z z
*blink* what? what is it?
mini stretch z z z z  It's too early! I can't wait until I can sleep in tomorrow morning. 5am is going to feel so Greyt!
and back out cold.  z z z z
 I did eventually get up, Devin and I went for a quick morning walk before "WORK" took Devin away from me.

Nana came by later on in the day. She wasn't as late as she was the other day. I guess she didn't fall asleep on me. *hehe*
I was up on the big bed when Nana came in to see me

hanging out - waiting for Nana to wash up my morning KONGS.

 This evening when Devin came home from work, i was beside myself with excitement. *see photo below*
Yay Devin's home!  bursting with excitement.
 Actually, Devin was late by about 5mins.  I was up on the bed napping when the door opened.  It took much effort to raise my head to acknowledge that my "roommate" had arrived home from work.

I went for a record short walk. Did what I needed to do, and then Jeeves let me walk a couple steps before picking me up to walk me to the front door.  I like to think of this as, me doing my part to help get Devin in shape.  I had dumpster to front door carrying service.  Life is Greyt!

Devin put in the order for my corn cream with Murray Avenue along with a pre treatment solution. 
It's worth a try.  I'm not a fan of standing in the bath for an extended period of time, nor am I a fan of having a bag of water placed on my foot.  It's so unnatural!

If all goes well I should have my foot treatment/ointment within the next 10 "business" days as well as my therapaw.

Thank you again Karen for all your help!  I have a feeling Devin will be calling on you a lot.  Be prepared!  :)


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