Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 15 Treatment -Unexpected Spa Treatment


Devin apologized for being nearly 20 minutes late in getting home from work.   The truck is now fueled up for whatever we choose to do this weekend, and the water has been replenished.  I don't get any of that "special" water, only when i go to Nana's I steal Rye-Lee's.

So when Devin arrived home I was in the doorway poking my nose around the corner of the door.  Normally I can get found lounging in bed and needing a bit of encouragement to get up and get things going.  I mean, why would I want to move from a perfectly good spot?

We went for our morning walk and came home. I should have known something was up when Devin had closed my nest door before we ventured out.  Devin went in and ran the water for a bath, that's was strange in itself, as Devin ALWAYS feeds me first before doing anything else.    Then it clicked.   That bath wasn't for Devin, IT WAS FOR ME!!!

I quickly tried to find safety in my nest, only to be stopped short due to the fact that the door was closed, i tried to curl up into a little ball.  Just as I began to lay down in "hide", Devin got me to "move move" and off i wandered down the hall.  The first exit point was to my right. I went to veer off in that direction, but i was redirected down the hall. The next and last point of escape was to my left.  Nope, didn't make it into the bedroom.  I accepted my fate as I slowly made my way into the bathroom.  Devin helped me get my front feet into the bubble bath, i was okay to get my back feet in myself.    Scrub a dub dub, Milo was in the tub. *hmpft*

It actually felt nice.  My tail today wasn't so far between my legs it was almost up my nose sorta thing.  I was quite relaxed.  Sometimes it just feels greyt to be clean.  *note to self* I need to stop walking against/brushing against the trees/bushes after i've peed.  My bad.

After my bath Devin dried me off real good and dried out my ears.  I HATE having my ears cleaned since Devin made me squawk several months back.  I'm very much a "once bitten, twice shy sorta guy".

Once all the drying was taken care of, IT WAS BREAKFAST TIME!  I went crazy town and gobbled up my food.  The enjoyment of breakfast was short lived. Foot treatment time came next!

Finally, breakfast!

 Devin gathered up my laundry. Between the two of us we had 4 loads!
My mountain of towels and blankets- heading to the wash
 Then it was foot treatment time.  I tell ya, by day just keeps getting better, and better!
What on earth did i do to deserve such a spa morning?? *insert sarcasm*
knock it off with the flash Devin, it's too early!
omg, I'm blind. I can't see..hello? anyone...
Le sigh - to the bed.  Seems like the only safe place for me this morning
Most Phase 1 treatment
My feet were like pawsicles, Devin covered me up.
Post morning treatment. 
 So that's it for me for now.  I think i've had quite the exciting morning.  The excitement can stop anytime now.   On a positive note, I'm heading over to hang out with the Twins (and Angel, I mention the twins more, as they are more interactive with me...for as non interactive as i am).

Almost nap time.


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