Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cirque du Soleil (nest style), Pre Canada Photos and Evening Treatment Photos

So I've been thinking about getting a job. I can get into all sorts of unusual positions.  Think Cirque Du Soleil will have a casting call for greyhounds?? Or for guys with my abilities?? 

I found myself sideways in my nest last night.  Sometimes I like to feel squishied up in there.

Sheepie's got my back
sideways crunch
turned into the half bent roach
followed by - Why did you wake me up???
Such an eventful day today.  After my long walk this morning I found myself going between my nest and my bed.
When I curl like this, I don't look like i'm 5ft 7 in length.
Sheepie had the right idea today.  z z z z  baaa baaa z z z z z
When I woke up from my nap...Wait, let me rephrase that, when Devin woke me up from my nap, i got my teeth brushed.     I've come a long way since the coming home with Devin.  When we first started this brushing of the teef thing I thought Devin was trying to kill me!  We would brush a tooth every night, gradually worked up to more teef until finally i had my whole set of choppers brushed.  Now, i get excited when Devin says "wanna brush your teef".  If  I'm laying down i perk up and "move move move" closer to Devin for my brushing.
brush the teef you wanna keep.
Did i get it all?
Slurp! That was greyt!
 I went with Devin over to Debbie's house. There are a few people from where Devin works who get together for "occasion" photos.  You may recall the Easter Photos I was in?   The photo shoot for today was "Canada Day".  They are a bit early on this one.
Hanging out in the kitchen - wearing my festive tie
wanting to go downstairs to the man cave to check out Gary
I got in the spirit here
Ok, this is getting old...
wake me up when it's time to go home
 Photo shoot time:
Not so good at sitting on a slippery floor
Problem solved!
 pre evening treatment
 Post evening treatment day 12


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