Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hungry Hippo?

Last night Devin dug my antler out from my toy box for me.  I showed interest in it for all of .5seconds.
It seemed like it was going to take too much effort to nibble on the insides to get the tasty stuff out.  I fell asleep with it partly in my mouth.

Z z z z z ....  Antler makes a good toothpick!
Yes? What is it?
annnnd back to sleep
 Not sure what I was looking at in the photos below.  I'm sure one of the thoughts running through my head was: "Crazy human, are you almost done blinding me for one night"???
Find a happy place..Find a happy place...

 When I had enough of Devin's flash photography I decided to hide my head down between the pillow and couch cushion.

I got caught up on the blanket last night.  Darn toes catch everything.
A little help here?
ah, nevermind... *z z z z*
still caught up on the blanket - smiles for great Aunt K.K.  She gets a charge outta my teef hanging out of my mouth
Roachin' with the snuggie

Time to go out for my bedtime "out".  I didn't really have much in the way of motivation when it came to getting up off the couch.  I was actually out cold having a wonderful snooze when Devin decided to wake me up and put my boot on my foot.  My protest*  Lay still.
yeah yeah, out..*zzzz*
Devin coming and going isn't a big deal anymore. As long as I have my KONGS, I'm good to go!
Morning KONGS  nom nom om nom nom nom om  nom
 Nana popped in this afternoon to check on me.  I was up laying on the couch today.  Nana went off into the "food room", I quickly followed her.  Normally when Nana goes in there, that means it's coming up on KONG TIME!   I did a few laps around Nana (I have perfected this "shark" movement thing where i circle quickly), then she put my towel down for me.  I stood on my towel while Nana went to grab my KONG from the freezer.   Patiently I waited....
whoever wants a KONG raise 1 (one) ear!  
When Devin came home I was suited up in my Thera-Paw.  I wasn't too keen on the idea, but once I got outside and hit the pavement I held my head up rather high.  I was ALMOST pain free!

In we came from our walk, supper was served, then I wandered off into my nest for a nap for bit. 

When Devin went to clean up from work, I made my way to my bed in the bedroom. 

Blanket snuggles and head squishing
z z z z
Nana stopped by this evening to drop off some fruit.  When the keys went into the door I went running towards the door.   It's my new thing I do when Devin is home.  Someone giggles keys in the door and for the most part I go running and stand in the hallway.  No sounds, just alert ears.

Nana gave me a few yummy snacks.  Devin thinks I look like a 1980's game "hungry hippo".
What do you think??
Devin thinks I look like the orange one on the right.
Hungry Hungry Hungry Milo!
Time to retire for the evening.


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  1. Milo you are one lucky greyhound to have Devin and Nana to take care of you.
    As for your corn on your paw suck it up the treatment will make you run happily again