Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 4 Corn Treatment (morning) ~progression of sleep~

It's day 4 of my corn treatment.  It looks and feels like the corn is raising from my pad.  Devin noticed that I started limping on softer surfaces the other day.

We went for our morning walk, came back home and it was treatment time.  I have a feeling that this is going to be my life for the next while.

Devin works nights tonight, we have to fit in a treatment before "work time".  ~blah boo hisss~
 Ah well, we all do things we don't want to do at times.

*nest door closed*  Can only mean one thing......
Morning treatment time 

pre treatment - day 4
evil corn - pretreatment
Here we go with the plastic wrap again...
and the Thera-Paw
z z  z

Made myself comfy on the couch

Part 2 of morning treatment - completed
Looks and feels different from Day 1
and done....

Progression of sleep last night - 

curled up half way into my nest.... semi roach
half roach complete with neck arch - sleepies
deep sleep with mouth open - slight ETS


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