Friday, June 8, 2012

Sir Limps A Lot No More :)

Last night when Devin went to bed I chose to hang out in my nest.  Somehow it felt safer to stay in here rather than in my own bed in the bedroom.  That evil big scary bed tried to eat me earlier yesterday. I will not forget!

I am very true to the saying "once bitten, twice shy".  Do me wrong once, and I will not forget.
Napping in the safety of my nest

I did eventually make my way into the bedroom.  Mark my words though, I did NOT go near the bed rail to rest my feet up on the side of the bed.  I made sure I stayed clear away.
Safety first - keeping my distance from the bed.
This morning we went for another mini walk.  My rear leg has fixed itself. Nothing 12plus hours of rest couldn't take care of.

We cut through the baseball field, and carried on our way around half the big loop. 

Reading the morning news
stopped out front the church - my fascination with the stairs and entering the church has gone
 We stopped in at Nana's this morning to say good morning. I went to the snack cupboard hoping someone would notice me.  Nana called me into the kitchen and gave me a few frozen veggies to munch on.
Hello? Anyone going to open the door for me?? *sniffing the snack cupboard*
glowing eyes -  Look into my will get me treattttsssss
After a quick lick from Rye-Lee's dinner bowl I decided to lay down and stare it down.
 We gathered our things and went home... Straight into my nest I went.  A year later I'm finally getting wise to Devin's photo addiction of me.  If I hide behind my pillow (doesn't always work) my eyes don't catch the flash.

Decided to give my bed a try out again.
Curly Toes and Crossed Legs
Success - face covered = no camera flash :)
 Before we left Nana's today she told me she'd be here this weekend to hang out and give me KONGS!
I have the bestestest Nana in the world!


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