Friday, June 22, 2012

Unexpected Affection (Day 8)

Last night Devin googled "affectionate greyhound", to see if my lack of "affection" was normal.  As Devin did this I climbed up on the bed and laid myself right down beside Devin.  At times i even pushed closer; kinda snuggled in.  

I like to do things on my own terms.  I heard Devin laugh at me a few times  when i'd let a huge sigh out,  the side of my cheek would puff like a horse.

Snuggling on my own terms
Devin was laying on the right side of the bed.
Then Devin got up, I was somewhat concerned, but not enough to get up and see where My Devin went.
When Devin came back to bed, I was monopolizing the blankets, Devin asked me to move over. I jumped down off the bed.  END SNUGGLE TIME.
Sheepie and I roaching
I've gotten into this position lately where I lay with my face pressed up against the closet door while I sleep.

Devin woke me up at 0330hrs today.  That was a really early morning wake up call.  I didn't even get up that early when I was "working".    It was corn treatment time. *phewy*  2 more early mornings, then we get to sleep in some!
pre treatment
post first phase treatment
Look, it's really starting to come out!
Devin did lock down of on my nest. I made myself comfy

Crashed out waiting for my treatment to be done. 
Post morning corn treatment.

 Nana came over today, she told me that she wasn't going to touch me she just had to unplug the phone that Devin left in. 
Laying next to Devin's phone that Nana had to unplug.  ~Don't wake the dragon~
Giving Nana these eyes.... :)

nom nom nom nom KONG!!! Thank you Nana!
When Devin got home from work we went on a quick walk.  Straight home for some supper, followed by, you guessed it....Foot Treatment.

Pretreatment Evening
more corn
Post treatment phase 1
Day 8 completed - The corn is really starting to show itself!!!

Bed Time :)


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