Monday, June 4, 2012

The Nana Files - June 4, 2012

Nana dropped in this afternoon to check on me.  Poor Nana was waiting for the rain to stop and fell asleep.
I do that a lot, so I won't hold that against her.

Guess where I was when Nana came in?   Not in my usual spot on Devin's bed.  I was crashed out on my bed.

This evening when Devin came home from work, I was all tail wags and nipping about in excitement.  Devin called me a crazy fool *hmpft*.  I pranced myself down the hallway to the door that leads to the stairs to get us outside. 

On our way back home from our walk there was a boxer who was several feet ahead of me.  I started walking towards it in a hunchy manner, and it did the same.  I guess to the outside world it looked like we were both stalking prey.   When we came up to each other it didn't take me long to bounce off my hind legs and growl like a mad fool.  Devin couldn't see my face while I was doing this, too busy reeling me in. 
I heard Devin tell Nana to watch out for the boxer when she has me (poor Nana would be pulled down the block), and that Devin was unsure if I was being playful or cranky.  It wasn't my usual growl bark that I give the twins to tell them to knock it off.  It sounded kinda mean I guess....  

I suppose I can't like everyone....

(first 3 pics taken several days back)
Nana found me on the bed
Oh my goodness! Cranberries!!!
Nom Nom nom
 Today - June 4, 2012
hangin' out on my bed. S'up Nana?
Giving Nana "the eye"
Oh, what's that?  *sitting for Nana*

waiting for my KONG - lets get this on the road Nana!
Nom nom nom KONG NOM