Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dog Days Of Summer (also Day 7)

It's far too hot for me to be outside today.  Devin left me home while the laundry was brought over to Nana's to be put on the line.

I'm quite enjoying the a/c in my forever home.

We went on our morning walk this morning, i was a panting mess when we came back home.  Partly due to the fact that I had to wear that silly boot; and THEN when we came home, Devin gave me my morning foot treatment.  Which reminds me, I think Devin and I are both less than thrilled to be getting up at 3am for the next 3 days (Devin works day shift) to start the process. 

Doesn't matter how big the bed is, I still manage to slip off
managed to strip my bed. ah much better
Morning walk - Checkin' out my corn
Trying to get comfy with this thing on my foot
How much longer?
I'm hooooot...take it offfffff
good, done!
end result from Day 7 - morning treatment
It's a rough life...
Erin came over today for a visit.  I hung out in my nest.  I did slowly slip out of it some while she was here.

Feeling a bit like Steve Martin in the movie Roxanne

slowing slipping out
I sure can make my nest look too small for me
Zonk*  z z z z
z z z z z
Other times i can make it look so big!
  Devin attempted to get me to play.  I wasn't in the mood.

 Until Devin brought out THE CHICKEN!
*thinking about it*
ok, really? you want me to move to get that?
Devin took the flash off the camera *thank goodness*
Evening Treatment
Maybe if i curl up and hide my foot...?
Le sigh
Corn :(
Doing what I do....
 Devin had to put my boot back on my foot after the treatment.  Yesterday and today i've been interested in licking my "bad" paw after treatment.  The boot went on a for a moment then was taken off.  I got the point. 


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