Monday, June 11, 2012

Took Myself For An Unsupervised/Authorized Swim Today

This morning when Devin came home from work, I was feeling a wee bit cuddly.  I laid on got up on the bed even though Devin was already up there. I even placed my foot on Devin's leg - a tiny bit.  *Progress*
Maybe I'll be a cuddle bug yet?

Bunny ear

Say what?
Done listening
Devin and I went over to Melissa's to help put the pool pump back together.  I spent the majority of my time indoors, laying on the futon while the others were outside. It was just too warm out there for me.

Enjoying an ice cube with Elly
 So I did eventually end up joining the others outside.  Devin brought me over to my mini pool to cool down. I only stood in there for a moment then stepped out. Devin skimmed the pool some, while I showed a bit of interest in the pool water. I was told no, and moved on from the edge.

A little later on, Devin and Melissa went back into the garage to finish putting the pool pump/tank back together.  I took this opportunity for take myself for a swim. 
Melissa heard a big splash *BBBOOOMMMMBSSS AWAAAYYYY*,  Devin and Melissa came running for me.  My head was popped up over the side of the edge, while my two front feet causally held on to the edge.   Devin went all "baywatch" and jumped into the pool after me.  With a little help from Devin I was up and out of the pool in no time.

As you can probably tell from the photos the pool is not quite ready yet. It's a nice emerald green.  Devin sure must love me!  Regardless, It was nice and refreshing. I may just have to go for another dip.

After I was popped out from the water the twins went over to inspect the area.  They were a little too interested in the pool after I decided to go for my unsupervised dip. 

Wow! That was refreshing.  Go on, try it girls!!  *Elly and Bella checking things out*
Oh my, that was nice.  ~waterlogged~
Sunbathing - pretty wet
This is the life....*drip drying on the lawn*
So yeah, you should try it sometime when they aren't looking
I could go for another dip...
now go on and tell me this isn't inviting!
Apparently I'm only allowed to swim in this pool.  My moto since living with Devin has been: Go big Or Go Home!
Back in the house on the futon - drip drying
Here i'm working on land training  for my next swimming session - Tuck and Roll
Back in the truck..heading home after my exciting day with the twins.
 Once we arrived home, Nana was here waiting for us.  I didn't know it yet, but I soon going to be placed in the tub for a soaking and a good wash down.
Post bath - *thinking* I may not go swimming anytime soon
snuggling with the warm blankie
Locked out of my nest until I could dry off some.  At least I had a KONG to munch on.
Because I took a header into the pool it was mandatory that I get my ears cleaned out with those evil drops. After trying to hide beside my nest I finally gave in and let what was to be, be. I actually didn't fight as much as I have in the past.  I was given a few snacks for being such a good boy.

Devin gave me enough time for my hair to dry then we were back into town.  Melissa's pool was having a problem. They aren't sure if I might have punctured the lining when i took my header into the pool or if perhaps it's the lines.
On the road again... Just enough time to dry off and off we go again.

What, is..that??
 We didn't stay very long in town before heading back home.  I feel like I never stopped today.  I won't complain as I do enjoy my Devin time.

 Yesterday:  NANA FILES

Devin is always wondering how I make out when I hang out here by myself while Devin goes off to work.
Below photos show me having severe anxiety (haha)
Roachin' - not a care in the world.
Still roaching

Nana tried her sneaky trick on me and dropped two cranberries in the dish and expected me to come running.  It took a bit of convincing, but I did finally make my way out from the bedroom.
Action shot - outta my way Nana!
Well tomorrow I am officially a senior.   Devin is giving me the 5+ Senior stage of food.  After all, I am 5.

senior food
We shall see how this formula serves me.

Lessons learned today:  Expect the unexpected and don't take your eyes off of me.


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