Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vet visit, WUBBA KONG and Chickens

I went to the vet today to have my leg/paw checked. I'm not limiting AS MUCH as I was on monday; but it's still visible.  I was weighed: 64.5lbs.  Devin believes the student wasn't correct last time when taking my weight.  She didn't let the scale settle and stopped it at 67 lbs.

Anyway, I didn't show Dr. Lalonde where i hurt. She poked pushed, bent me every which way.
No dice.
I was given an anti inflammatory needle and set home with pills that need to be taken once a day in the afternoon for 5 days.

Devin and Dr. Lalonde discussed briefly about my teeth.  Dr. Lalonde said I was fine for the now; but they will need to be cleaned. I'll have to come back mid year for the cleaning. 

Here's a few photos from my day....

Tired from my visit to the vet today. Crashed out on the way home.

Sleeping with my KONG Wubba

Tuckered out from playing with my chicken

It didn't take me long to chew through my Wubba

Sleeping - Go away!

Roaching - face hidden under my sheepie

Chewin' the chicken!

Devin got me to play with the chicken. I grabbed it and ran to my crate. Yeah, that's right. That's my bum hanging out of my crate :P

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