Saturday, April 21, 2012

That Really "Ticks" Me Off....

I slept like a log again last night.  The terrible bed switching/changing up of 2012 is behind me now. I'm roaching all over the place again.  Change isn't so bad when you let go and just accept it :)

I managed to keep Devin up throughout the night with my kicking of the dresser and putting my head and feet into the closet. I heard Devin mention something about bumper pads again.
So comfy!!!
Getting ready to go another round on the dresser with my feet
Giving Devin a break - quiet feet
z z z  z z z   smiles
This afternoon I ALMOST had a case of nippy lips with Nana.  Nana was scratching me on my neck, I had enough of it; Devin saw my lip start to move and told Nana to stop.  Nana pulled away quickly.  No incident, my twitchy lips didn't progress past what Devin caught.

A S.O.S. was put out to Grampa Bill - He called back and told Devin that Devin is the alpha, that's why I don't try those sort of things, but I am trying to pit the two of them against each other to gain my way to the top (something along those lines).  Nana is to leave me alone and let me come to her, or call me to come.
ALSO, I am to lose my couch privilege (that's where today's incident almost happened), I can have it back, but I need to earn it. If it happens again, I have to get off the couch; until I figure out there are consequences for my actions.  Everything is a privilege.

As for my nest and bed areas, Campgreyhound said the following:
  There is a pretty straight forward solution. Leave the dog alone when he's on his bed or in his crate. Call the dog to you, don't go to him. This is the number 2 rule on most of the "Top 10 rules about Greyhounds" lists that you'll see, including the GRA's list. They are simply not accustomed to being bothered in these areas, there is no trust issue involved at all. :)

You can slowly desensitize them if you must, by tossing stuffies in their general direction while their on their beds, but really, unless you have kids, there's not any good reason to do this. Your hound deserves some space to themselves, they've had this all their working life, why not in their pet life as well?

 Everyone has been helpful over on the forums :)

In other news:  Wanna know what really ticks me off?  TICKS!!
Nana and I were on the couch earlier today, when Devin started pawing at my feet and pulling at my legs.
Something caught Devin's eye.  At first Devin said, A skin tag Milo? gave it a little touch and thought it moved, touched it again, and saw little legs move on either side of the tanned colour.    A phone call was placed to "Dr. Bob".  Nana's next door neighbor, he's good at remove ticks.   We went over to Nana's, "Dr. Bob" met us there, and took that sucker right off, head and all.  Thanks "Dr. Bob"! 
Ticks, Tick me off! 
Hanging out on the futon - I had my supper, it was time for the twins to have theirs. *waiting, watching*

Head was too tired...
Airplane ears :)
 Pretty low key day again here.  I watched Devin toss out 100+ things for donation.  I'm glad I made the cut!


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