Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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My day started out kind of odd.  Devin got up early (usual time), fed me breakfast, then went back to bed.
We woke up at 9am. Well Devin did, I was up for a little bit before then... 
I kinda woke Devin up. I was laying on the bed, on my side just licking. I wasn't licking anything but opening my mouth, licking kind of at the air, and just sorta continued that. Devin thought there was something wrong with me. I admit it was kind of odd for me to be doing that. Whatever like Devin doesn't do weird things too??

After some convincing I did get up off the bed and off we went for our morning walk.  We stopped and talked with a nice lady who was pushing a baby in a stroller. She gave me lots of love and had tons of questions.  I think we sold her on the "greyhound breed".  Look out Grampa Bill you might have someone calling you.  We gave her Grampa Bill's website address (www.gracanada.com) and told her that there is an area of adoptions on there.

Before popping back at home we stopped in at the post office to see if my collars were in yet. The nice lady behind the counter said there wasn't any mail for us today.  I Just KNOW they will be in this week.
*side note*  I'm completely fascinated with the whole "PO BOX" thing.  I perk my ears up to listen to the ladies on the other side of the wall. They sound like they are coming from inside those boxes.  Creepy!
We will check back again tomorrow on our way back from our walk. *paws crossed*

Last night we went over to Melissa's and had a mini play date with the girls.  It was very quiet when we first arrived, Melissa had all 3 of the girls out on a walk.  I found my comfy place up on the futon and awaited their arrival.  I also helped Melissa tidy up the backyard by offering my "edging" services.  *nom nom nom*

Edging services *nom nom nom*

Eating, errr I mean edging the grass along the house for Melissa.
Hiding my head *zz  z zz*
Elly felt the need to press up against me while I napped *Panting*  She throws off a lot of heat!
 In the middle of the night I managed to get turned around on my bed.  I like to lead up against things. Since Devin moved my beds around and mix matched things out I've been turned around.  I thumped and flopped myself into the closet door until Devin got up and got me turned around.

It's not the size of the bed...
How about if i lay this way?
 Devin did manage to relocate me on to my bed and against the big bed.  I was perfectly happy knocking into the closet door. *hmpft*

Trip to the post office this morning *listening to those strange voices coming from the wall*
 Devin cleaned the carpet today.  This past week we ran out of plain yogurt; Devin normally mixes that up inside my KONG with some of my kibble; in place of the yogurt Devin's been using pumpkin.  I've been a little messy with the pumpkin - leaving smeared pumpkin here and there.   It was time for a cleaning!
While Devin cleaned I found a comfy spot up on the couch.  Devin went by my feet and knocked them a few times with the carpet cleaner; I didn't mind, i cracked an eye open to see what was going on, then drifted off back to sleep. 
Carpet cleaning time - Z z  z z z z

When Devin went into the other room to clean I popped off the couch to see what was going on, Devin redirected me back to the couch.  Back to sleep I went.  *zz z z z z z*
More sleeping, found my comfy spot on the bed - pressed up against the pillows.
 We went over to Debbie and Gary's house this afternoon for the Easter photo shoot.  I wandered around checking things out, finally came to rest on the carpet in their dinning room. 

Hangin' out in the backyard at Debbie n' Gary's.  Debbie takes greyt photos :)

I think red is my colour, what do you think??

Last year when Devin went for Easter photos, Gary watched me.  I remembered being there; i wanted to go down in the basement  "The man cave". That's where i stayed with Gary while Devin and company were out getting their photos taken with the Easter Bunny :)
Hangin' out
Humoring the humans
Humans can be so strange at times...
After the photo shoot, we stopped my Melissa's to drop off the carpet cleaner for her to use. Melissa was still at work, so we didn't have a play date :(   I continued on to Nana's.  We both had supper at Nana's, then went for walk before coming home.    I've had quite the busy day. I think i might be happy when Devin goes back to work; I'll be at home relaxing :)

Rye-Lee lays on a blanket beside the grate, watching me from a distance.
Nana put Rye-Lee's water dish inside mine *hehe*  I drank it up like crazy!  I love the water at Nana's!

Finally back home, I'm tuckered out from all the running around.  I think I'll call it quits for today.
So tired from all the excitement of the past two days.  z z z *z z z z


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