Thursday, April 19, 2012

Colgate Smile - I Got To Keep All My Teef!

Devin felt terrible for me this morning.  In the early hours of the morning I got up and went to my bowls for a drink of water, I hit them a few times, nothing was there :(

I decided to come back to bed and sulk/fall back to sleep.  So hungry, So thirsty.... *le sigh*

Devin got up a little while after and we went out for my morning walk; it wasn't a very long one, just enough to get things done, and get ready to head out for my dental appointment.  As usual I slept the better part of the ride there.  Once out of the car I was all tail wags, One last pit stop before going inside.  When we got inside I stepped on the scaled to be weighed in.  I'm 68.2lbs.

Then it happened.  I saw Dr. Janet; I was not overly thrilled to see her once I got inside the examination room.  My tail went between my legs, she had a quick look at that bump on my inner thigh, sure enough something had a snack of me the other day at the park. *hmpft*

She listened to my heart, it was racing a mile a minute, she also heard a heart murmur.   My Great Nana had one of those, and she lived a very long healthy life :)

Janet went off and came back with a needle, I got poked my rump. I was given a pre-anesthetic mix. I stood there for a moment; Devin and Nana gave me lots of loving and told me to be good for Janet, no biting.
ONE incident with nipping and now I'm told every time to be a good boy??  Hmpft*

It wasn't long after the needle the nurse lady came in and took me away... Off I wandered with her.
Dr. Janet said Devin and Nana could come back at 11-1130hrs to bring me home. 

I was dropped off at 0807hrs and picked up at 1107hrs :)
I was alert, but my back legs weren't completely steady, off I went outside with Devin to have a lil' "out".
I swayed a little bit; as though I was on boat.  Haven't quite got my land legs. 

Devin helped me up; picked me up and put me inside the truck, It didn't take long for me to plop down and just kinda stare off.  Once we started for home, I slumped down and napped on and off; more on than off.

Home time - Devin helped me out of the truck, i was a little unsteady when I was placed on the ground.  As we walked to the front doors I swayed here and there. I was brought to the grass to see if I had to do anything, I just stood there in a daze, Devin said it was okay, we'd go inside and lay down.

Devin carried me down the flight of stairs, placing me gentle on my feet; I staggered my way down the hall to our place.  Once through the doors, I made a straight line for my "nest". I couldn't get in there fast enough.
Finally, Home!

I laid there just kinda staring off; until I let my head finally come to rest on my bed.  Devin said If I don't straight my face out I'll need some work done on my nose next.  :P 

I'm resting comfortably now, Devin was told I could eat at suppertime.  The water was placed out for me when I came home, but I was too fixated on getting myself into my nest.  Devin even brought a bowl of water inside my nest for me and held it, I'm not interested at this time.   I just need some sleepies.

Teeth photo updates to come when I'm more alert :)


But Devin I'm so hungry and thirsty
Please, I've fallen over weak
Not feeling the love
Feeling quite upset actually.  Giving Devin dirty looks as Devin tries to get me to go outside for my morning walk.
Maybe some breakfast when we get in from the walk??
Well I'm waiting..
You were supposed to have these filled an hour ago. what's the hold up??
I guess I'll just hang out here...
In the car, ready to go... Where I don't really know where we're going, I keep hearing "teef cleaning"
Dr Janet?  Oh that means a long ride ahead of us, might as well get comfy
One foot in front of the other...focus...focus.....  *outside Dr. Janet's* -  Time to go home!
Oh My, what did they do to me?
I feel..So.... Whoaaaa man, what's that?
I think I'll just.... yeah lay down...
Where'd my back legs go? Hello? Someone??

Battle mark from being put under
eyes like saucers
Oh bother, *plop*
Finally at home
My new Teef brush :)
Trying to get comfy
And here it starts..... nose series

Uh, Is this suppose to bend this way?
Devin thought this might help some... Sheepie to the rescue!

Stretching out on sheepie
Got up and stumbled into the "nest" walls, Devin called me, I turned around and laid down.  I think i'll hang out like this for a while. Much more comfy on the nose and neck.

 Grand total:  $262.59
 happy, healthy dog = priceless

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