Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easing Off the Separation Anxiety Meds - *Yay* On The Road To Recovery

Not much went on today.  

1) Devin called my Dr to see about eliminating my clomicalm all together; The receptionist told Devin to give me my half pill every second day (i started out 1/2 pill 2X a day). 
We are going to give that whirl this week, the receptionist said that we'd know if i had to stay on it longer by going to every second day for a week.   After the week is out, if i'm okay, we can toss those pills to the curb once and for all!

2) Went for our morning walk around the big loop.  good walk, good times, lots to sniff.    Devin had to run to town this morning without me, I had a bit of a cry, and got up on the couch, i was antsy while Devin got ready to leave.  I can't really tell you just yet if I was sad Devin was leaving, or antsy excited, because when Devin goes to leave the KONGS come out.  ??

3) Devin had an appointment in town then afterwards we were to hang out with Melissa and the others for a play date. I wasn't overly impressed when Devin dropped me off and ran to the appointment. I had no warning. I cried a little bit when Devin left me so suddenly, but quickly settled on the futon.  Later on when I started up again Melissa brought me out back, i had two big pees.  I was a happy boy then; back to the futon i went to await Devin's return.   When Devin came back to the house, i was pushing at the door with the other 3 dogs trying to get my Devin time.  I won first, then everyone else got pats :)  I know who my Devin is.

4) i went on a LONG walk with Melissa, Devin, Angel and the twins.  We cruised around Riverdale, So many new smells, I was in heaven, not sure which way to sniff next.    I know sometimes Devin questions if i'm a real sight hound VS scent hound.   Once back at the house from our walk I hit the futon again.  While I was laying there I had this great idea about jumping off the futon and stealing one of the twins rope toys.  I seriously can't get enough of those types of toys.  They sure are lucky to have such wonderful chewy things.
 Anyway, i jumped off the futon , stole the rope toy then bounced back on the futon to lay down. I didn't chew on it, i just wanted to claim it as mine and lay with it.
On the futon with my stolen rope toy.

 5) I went to Nana's with Devin for our Easter Supper.  Well, the humans ate, I laid on my blankie bed that Nana makes for me when I go over.  Papa George can't get over how well I do when others are eating, I don't bother anyone.  Where as Rye-Lee goes a little nutty for people food; Papa George is to blame for that one.  Ah well, you only live once, right?
So that's about it for me.  Nothing overly exciting -- I haven't roached since last night.  It was a bit of a fluke, I got tired of hearing Devin tell Nana how miserable I've been since the big bed change around.

I'll adjust in time, I always do.   MAYBE Devin can go up to Costco to pick me up another bed??? Maybe?? *hint hint*


PS - I've added two links in the sidebar " MY FAVORITE LINKS" -  one is for Daddy Bill's website GRACANDA (where I was adopted from) and the other is for Crown Collars; a GREYT website to order martingale collars and other accessories from.

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