Monday, April 23, 2012

Where'd All The Sprouts Go?

I slept in until about 730am this morning.  I'm sure Devin was thankful for that; we got up I had my breakfast, then we went back to bed for a little less than an hour. 

Devin checked the weather info before we got dressed for our morning walk.  It was on the chilly side, so I was bundled up in my winter coat.  A peek out the window showed there was snow on the ground!

I got to the top of the stairs to go outside, took a few steps out, looked at the white stuff and hesitated.  Where did all my sprouts go??? My green yummy sprouts where all covered up in a blanket of slushy snow.

A few steps into the white stuff and I quickly forgot about my sprouts.  The zoomies took over my body. I was jumping around and prancing about in the white stuff.    We walked to the end of the block, I did what I had to do, then turned around for home.  The wind was whipping about and the rain was coming down too.

Back to the warmth of my home sweet home.   Devin stepped out for a bit and checked with the post office. Still no mail for me :(

Another lounging day ahead of me- The weather is too miserable to be out in.


Where's the sprouts???
cold and wet from the rain and snow -- Lets go in and warm up!

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