Friday, April 20, 2012

100% Back In The Game Today!

I feel amazing today.  I  slept really hard last night. I know, how is this different from any other night?
I woke up feeling completely refreshed and ready to start my day at 530am. Yup, that's right!

I know Devin played possum with me a few times, then got up to give me my breakfast. I was STARVING from not having much to eat or drink yesterday.  Once I had a fully belly I was good to go back to bed for a while.  We went on our usual morning walk, I was bee boppin' along at a good pace.  On the last part of our walk we went over to Nana's for a visit.
Nana gave me a few frozen green beans *yum*.  I even shared with Rye-Lee :)

Back home we went, nothing too exciting happened there.  Devin finally managed to convince me to join the world and go out for another walk.  We went down the long strip; guess who we saw yelling hello out the window at us as they drove by??? Fae :)

I had a special supper tonight, Devin added in a can of sardines for me.  I inhaled those suckers right back!
It's always nice to have a treat here and there with supper.

I guess that's about it for me.  Nothing too exciting to write home about.  Still waiting on my collars, The postal service is so silly.  Oh well, they will get here when they get here.

PS - Devin had to go into town today, I was given 3 KONGS and kept myself busy.  When Devin came home I was found up on the big bed :)

No More Clomicalm for me!

last night when Devin came to bed I was kind of monopolizing most of it....
I was told to "move move over" -  I decided it would be more comfy on my bed.

I woke Devin up with my feet hitting the dresser - I was out cold.
working on a possible back flip -  2012 summer Olympics here i come??
 Teeth update:
 Devin brushed my teeth this morning with my new tooth brush. My gums didn't bleed at all!
With a bit of resistance, Devin managed to brush my bottom front and top teeth.  It felt weird!
Clean Teef!

Hangin' out with sheepie
Can I guy get a little privacy while he naps??
z z z  z
Roaching in my nest.  It took almost 2 weeks, but balance has been restored with my "bed situation"
I like to cover my eyes while I sleep
I couldn't eat it fast enough! *nomnomonomonom*

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