Monday, April 16, 2012

Pre Season "Swimming" - Greyt Day At The Dog Park/Beaches

Devin called up Nana and asked her if she'd come to the dog park with us.  Nana said yes!
Devin packed up a mini park/beach bag for me, complete with:
*pitcher half filled with ice cubes
*my favorite baseball stuffie
*towel "in case" in decided to go for a dip

Nana and Devin took turns tossing my stuffie for me to chase after.  I haven't lost my "racing touch", 3 strides and i was full speed ahead! 

I met a new friend there, 10 month old chocolate lab. We chased a few balls together, but quickly branched off and did our own thing.

From all my running around I was toast!  My tongue was hanging out of my mouth, I could have almost tripped on it.  Er well, maybe not, but you get the point.
Nana and Devin brought me down to the beach area, where I did not hesitate for a second before walking right on into the water and plopping myself down in there.  Devin had to follow me out a little bit; Apparently it was cold - Devin said the water felt about as warm as Florida did last winter (50F).  I didn't mind one bit.

Good Ole' Devin was worried that the water was too cold for me, and thought I was having trouble getting out of it.  That wasn't the case at all, I was pulled up out of the water, only for me to look at Devin and Nana, turn my back to them both and plopped right down into the water. I wasn't ready to get out. 
There's a language barrier between us, what I wanted to say was "i'll get out when i'm ready to get out, thank you very much".

After the beach we packed up and drove home; Devin decided to take the parkway back; we popped out at my beach that I went to "off leash" in the winter.  We all went for a little stroll down on the sand.  It feels so good to have the sand between my toes.  Why can't the roads here be like this instead of having all those tiny little holes and bumps???

I didn't go into the water this time, I just dipped a few toes and walked right back out.
I'm feeling pretty exhausted from my eventful day.  I wasted no time slipping into my "nest" when I got home.

Devin said there should be park and beach video up shortly - We will try and attach it at the end of all these photos.


Park/Beach essentials :)  Pitcher of Ice Cubes, Baseball stuffie and towel :)

I'm ready, Lets go!

Working on my "not listening to you , Nana" skills
ompft - missed, over ran that one.

Weeeeee weeeeeee

taking a breather, my park friend in the background

*Pant* Hot *pant*

We were sniffing, then her mommy tossed a ball, off she went.
GRASS!!!!! NOM !

Time out for Grazing
Oh, Can i play too?

tra lala la

Got it!
Grazing - Love the little sprouts under this tree

Pardon Me, But Is there something on my tongue?
Yes! Heading off to the beach
The water was pretty rough
Leading the way, hitting the sand pile along the way
All done my dip - ready to go now
So uh, Where are we going??
What's that up there?
Nom nom nom * thank you for the ice cube Nana*
Feeling refreshed - Nap time
baseball stuffie cuddles

At the other beach, Good thing Nana had me to hold on to, it was the wind was strong, she could have flown away like a kite!
Love the sand :)
Dippin' the toes in
Checkin' out the seagulls down the beach

The Devin and Me
Heading back to the truck

Hmm.. I feel satisfied with my day :)
Ah, back in my "nest"
Model Pose 1

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