Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not Settling In With The Change Yet....

I'm still not a happy camper about all this change that's gone on around me.  I haven't roached in a few days. *le sigh*
Nana came by to let me out this afternoon. guess where she found me?
She found me up on the couch *hehe*  

Devin asked me a few times last night to come up and lay; but I just ignored and wandered from my nest to the bedroom and back again.

When Devin came home from work I was no where to be found; well no where in my usual spots - Not on Devin's bed,  not on my bed, not in my nest.  I was found up on the couch.  I think I could get used to this couch idea.  After my supper I went off to my nest to lay down.  I can't get comfy in there.  Try as I might, no can do.  I give Devin these sad looks, these how could you looks.    Devin said that we'd get the bed situations sorted out soon.  What I want to know is, how soon is soon?  I need to get back to my 15-16hrs a day of beauty sleep. 

This morning while Devin got ready for work I took out my mild upset on my toys. I even tried to drag my big frog to the living room.  I tend to get a bit rangy when Devin gets ready for work; i seem to get into mischief as soon as the shower runs.
I do no like my new arrangement, I do not like my new arrangement  :(
Nope, Still don't like it.
maybe if i try this way....
or maybe this way?   Oh bother! I can't get comfy.

I'm going to retreat to the bedroom now.  Devin tried to fix up my bed *yet again*. Putting the bed up against the dresser (tight) and placing a blanket as a back rest so I don't get the dresser handle sticking into me.

Why oh why did you have to go and try to "fix" what wasn't broken Devin???


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