Friday, April 6, 2012

I'll entertain myself while you're away.... More old things turned new

This morning when Devin came home from work i was curled up in my nest.  Devin went into the washroom before taking me out - I got found out.
At some point last night I thought it would be a good idea to help myself to the toilet paper roll. *weeeeeee wwweeeee weeeeeeee*  I managed to pull the roll a short distance before getting bored with it.

You see when Devin was busy brushing teeth before heading into work, i roamed into the washroom and almost poked my head inside the garbage pail.  Devin "ah ah" me, and i moved away quickly.   Nothing was in there, but I guess it was the point of it, i shouldn't have had my head in there.

Months back when Melissa stayed with me i managed to run the TP roll out into the living room. Now that was fun!


weee weeee
 After breakfast and our morning walk I curled up on the bed with Devin; something I haven't done in a while. I stayed up there for some time before retreating to my bed.
Curled up
Super Star! (sleeping)
Kangaroo front leg pose
Running a foot up the wall again
Zzz z z z z Eeeee z z z z z
 On our afternoon walk we stopped by Nana's.  It was near supper time, Rye-Lee had already eaten - hence why his bowl was on the floor. I curled up beside it.  *hint hint* Devin, lets get home, i'm hungry!
Can we go home already? I'm hungry!
Crashed on the bed while Devin worked out.  What was life like before pillows?? My wish is for every greyhound to experience a wonderful forever home, filled with pillows AND love!

 We went over to Melissa's for a visit this evening.  I did the rounds munching on delicious sprouts of grass. Even the twins joined in with me. *hehe*  I'm such a bad influence.

Nom nom nom

 Once inside, one of the girls got distracted, I figured it was my chance to move in and claim the squeaky ball!  The girls never chew on it hard enough to make it squeak. So when I did I had a full audience!
I did manage to eat the ball - took a piece right out of it.  All fun til someone loses a ball....sorry ladies, maybe Devin and I can go shopping for you both.
This is how you do it, *squeak squeak*
One of the girls trying to figure out how to reclaim the ball from me. *fail*
Twin decided to wait her turn.

We are now back home and I'm in my nest.  Time for bed.


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