Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prince and the Pea Continues - Finding New Sleeping Digs

Tra la la - This morning when Devin came in from work, where do you think I was located??

Well let me tell you; I decided since Devin likes to sleep on the couch from time to time that must mean it's comfy, right?  I was curled up in a little ball at the end of the couch. 

Devin tried to get me to budge with the morning "rise and shine Milo".  No go, I found me a reallllly comfy spot.  Devin put a few things away, then called "Come Milo, Let's go outside" a few times.  I listened!
I popped off the couch and was at the door waiting to go for my morning walk.

Once outside I gobbled up some nice fresh sprouts, grazing around the weeds.  I know what I like.  Devin told me that we'd do breakfast when we got home.  I wasn't taking any chances, *nom nom nom* on the blades I did.  We walked pretty far this morning.  Some mornings I'll walk a few blocks do what I have to do then turn around for home.  Not this morning, I feel like running Devin tired this weekend.

Full belly now, it's time for my first nap of the day.  PeAcE

Curled up in a little ball
Nope, Devin I'm not ready to get up and go for my morning walk
Streeetcccch - Getting there, don't rush me
Maybe just a few more minutes??
Yesterday afternoon - Curled my foot around my blanket while I caught some Z's....

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