Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prey Drive What? And Old Habits Become New

 Right out from the starting gates I was diving at the grass. I wasn't able to eat enough of it. Normally I'm rather picky with what I eat, this morning though was a different story.  I gobbled up old and new sprouts.  After a short walk I started to heave.  Finally as I believe Great Aunt K.K. calls it, I yaked my cookies.
A few pieces of grass and white foamy liquid.  I stood there for a moment with such an unusual look on my face; Devin best describes it as looking like "the joker", with the sides of my mouth turned up into a smile.
A moment passed and I was off and trotting to my nest task.....

I spotted me a squirrel; actually a few.  My prey drive kicked in.  My ears perked up, I watched them intently as they moved across the ground, I stalked a bit, and then picked up my pace some.  Devin told me not to get any ideas. *hmpft*

Old habits become new:
I'm back to running to Devin as soon as I heard the keys pick up.  Devin worked with me some this afternoon; picking up the keys and moving to another area of the house, sitting down, picking them up to place them elsewhere.   It took me a bit to settle in from that exercise, but I'll figure it out again.

That's it for me, Nana comes again tonight! yay!!
Last night:
Seemed like a good place to lay, every now and then I'm found in odd places (odd meaning somewhere other than a bed)
 This morning:
Some people dumpster dive, I grass dive!
All tuckered out from my  yak, squirrel hunt, walk :)  z z z z

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