Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sympathy Pains and Drama Queen Ways

After Devin got in from work last night we just kinda laid low.  We went for our evening stroll and ended up over at Nana's.  Nana took pitty on us both and drove us home.   Devin with a twitchy (right side) neck and Me with my lame right leg; I guess we were a sight to see that Nana didn't feel confident that we'd make it home in one piece.   I heard Nana and Devin saying that I was maybe pulling having some sympathy pains or just being my dramatic drama queen self.  At any rate is scored us a ride home. hehe

Rumor has it Devin is going to make an appointment for me to get my heart worm test and flea/tick meds done in the near future.  We may just go down to visit Auntie Shelley, Uncle Mat, and Cousin Parker in Florida this coming winter - I know, it's a long ways away yet, but we are starting starting to make sure we have the necessary papers to get me to and from Florida without hassle.

Just another loafing around evening.  Devin brushed my teeth. Always nice to have a fresh mouth in the morning or at night. Devin broke out my old tooth brush and had a go at my teeth with it.  I wanted to eat it. Devin let me chomp around on it a little bit, in between licking the brush.  Gotta have some fun, right?

That's about it for us tonight.  Devin has an appointment for that twitchy neck tomorrow and is going to see about getting a hold of Dr. Nat (chiropractor), maybe that might help my right shoulder/limp.

Until then, Nite nite :)


Hanging out on the couch with Devin - both kinda laid up last night

relocated to the nest
Tonight - mini play session prior to teeth cleaning. cheeeesssseeeee :D

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