Sunday, April 8, 2012

Milo's First Easter: Easter Morning

It's Easter!  Devin woke me up to have breakfast, I crawled off back to bed after filling my belly.
Just as I was getting comfy and ready to fall back to sleep Devin told me "Happy Easter Milo, I think the Easter Bunny came for you".

I didn't show much interest and it took some crinkling of paper to get me to leave my comfy spot in the bedroom.  I came out to the living room and saw that I had two gifts and a card waiting for me.
I wasted no time, I picked up one of the gifts and went straight into my nest with it.  LET THE FUN BEGIN!  I tore at the paper, stopping to munch on a few pieces, Devin reminded me that paper wasn't for eating, it was just for tearing.  I continued on until i managed to make my way to my first gift.  SNACKS!

I was having way too much fun shredding the paper to bother with my second gift.  It took some distraction to get me to grab it and tear at it.  Once I finally made into that one I pulled out a FROG! It started to croak when chomped on it.  It took me about a minute before I killed the croaker in it. 

Devin is going to put new squeakers in my old toys for me. *yay!*  Old toy turned new again!

After the excitement of Easter gifts we went on our morning walk.  The church was packed today, I think everyone in our village was there, but Devin and I.

Back home, Devin cleaned out my ears. I squawked a bit on the first ear.  Devin dug a bit too hard; More tissue less finger please!   The second ear was cleaned without incident.
I did have a not so pleased look on my face and ear stance after the fact. I jumped from Devin's bed and went into the safety of my nest.

While waiting for the laundry to be done (note I was amazing again today and didn't cry once while Devin came and went), we went outside and Devin brushed my fur for me.  I think I lost about 2lbs of fur!
'Tis that time of the year, eh? (look at me being all Canadian with my "eh's").

Nothing much planned for today, likely another walk/wander.  Til then, here are some photos from my Easter morning:

Last night - tucked myself in under my stuffies. exhausted from my play date earlier.
Easter morning - Full belly from breakfast, snuggling with my buddy

But I don't want to get up.  Easter Bunny, what?
Oh! Card and gifts from Nana and the Easter Bunn
For me?
Jedi mind tricks *OPEN*...... hmm....

I could use a little bit of help here...
Nom nom card
But what's over there?
Shredding the envelope
More shredding
Going Crazy on the frog:
Going crazy on my new frog!
My card had money in it. Good thing I didn't eat that!
Thank you Nana!
Slowly tiring out from all the shredding
Me and my shredding papers
Hi :)
Curled up with my shredding
That was a lot of work!
Oh so tempting..More paper to shred!!
Getting ready for my walk - look at me go. haha
aftermath of Easter morning
Tra lalala
Checking out the baseball diamond
Ear cleaning photos:
Safety in numbers. I made it into my nest and surrounded myself with my friends. Not so happy but clean ears.
The look


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