Thursday, April 26, 2012

"You Got Mail" I GOT MAIL!!!!!

I Got Mail!!!

We went for our morning walk, checked the post office, nothing was in our po box, we went inside to see if maybe the package hadn't been processed yet.  Out came the post lady with a HUGE smile on her face and told me that my package was in!  I think she was equally excited for the arrival of my package as Devin and I were.   She gave me lots of attention and kind words; we let her go back to work, and off we went to open the much anticipated package.

Once at home, Devin gave me the package to open. I nibbled the corner of the envelope, I needed a little help to open that, Devin opened it up and let me explore the contents.  I pulled out the tissue wrapped items piece by piece.  I wasted no time shredding through the paper.  I LOVE PAPER!!!!

My new collars fit amazingly.  I wanted to nibble on those, but Devin told me they were for wearing, not eating.  Ingrid makes beautiful collars!  Devin helped me post a link on the side bar, in case anyone was interested in checking out her work.  It took us 10 business days (we live in Canada) to receive, them. It was well worth the wait!  They fit me perfectly! 
Zonked out - Relaxing can be so tiring
Looking inside the PO Box - Helllloooo, anyone in there?? I hear you, but I can't see you
Back at home with my "well worn" collar.  Thank you Nan and JP for giving me this one, I certainly got my use out of it!
I've I'm ready for my photo shoot, lets get this started!
Trying to open my package. A little help please?
I've got this all figured out!

Modeling my lizard collar  while shredding
Busy shredding - Wearing my flip flop collar :)
With my loot - (L) flip flop collar (C) Fall Harvest (R) Lizards
Modeling my Fall Harvest Collar :)
My new collars :)

I was having fun rolling around on the shredded paper, I did manage to stop for a moment for Devin to take my photo :)
Is there more inside??
I'll take a look, if you don't mind...
Sporting my new fall harvest collar - Tra la la
Back home from my walk - Zonked  Z z z z

It's a greyt day!

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