Friday, April 13, 2012

More From The Semi Roaching Files, and Dive Bombing Birds?? I think

Picture this:

The were walking along minding our own business this morning when all of a sudden there was this grey flash that flew towards Devin's feet and my face, Just as Devin jerked back I let out a half growl.  The flash was there and gone in a second.  What the heck was that???  We were walking by a tall pine tree when this happened, Devin told me it may have been a bird that flashed so quickly at us, that or an alien.  
We both really aren't sure what happened, or what provoked the dive bomb attack.  We continued to walk down the street to where Nana lives, she was outside and gave me some "scritches".  I wasn't too excited to see her, but I know I'll see her tonight :)

 Devin took me outside to give me a good brushing (again). I think I lost about 4 ounces of fur!  That brush is way better than the glove/mitten Devin used to use on me.

Once back from my brushing outside I went over to my toy bin and pulled out a few toys I wanted to play with.   I love that baseball one; it doesn't squeak anymore but I still enjoy it.  I lay there shaking it from side to say, trying to nibble on what rope threads remain from Devin going scissor happy on it.
Sometimes I lay there staring at the ball willing it to come back at me; It doesn't always work, most times though when Devin is around I seem to be able to work my powers. *hehe*
Semi roaching
Devin LOVES it when I get my feet up on things and start dreaming *kick kick kick*
Come play with me?
This is so much fun!
Come into my mouttttthhhhh
Got it!
Well....That was fun *le sigh*
Round 2?
Cuddling with my stuffie
What did you say? *chomp*
I always forget I have these antlers until Devin reminds me...
How am I going to get to the inside of this thing.....

Nom Chomp nom Chomp


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