Monday, April 9, 2012

Adventures In Napping....

I took up my spot on my bed in the bedroom last night.  Apparently I eventually fell asleep, all Devin could hear was my deep breathing and the tree people.

Last night I almost had a roaching moment in my bed.  I guess when you're tired enough you'll fall asleep, right?

Today I spent most of my day going from the living room to the bedroom.  A real lazy day for both of us.

Last night  - finally got comfy
Last night - more comfy resting

Almost a roach - certainly is the closet door to lean up against, I guess I'll have to get used to the old way of things.

 Devin keeps saying almost 5 more months until the tree people go back to Texas; the way i'm looking at things: Almost 5 more months until my bed gets put back against the closet!

On the bed....
off the bed....
back on the bed...Tick  (clock sequence)
back on my bed
Squished in with the pillow and blanket
Entertaining the idea of playing....
back on the bed, enjoying the pillows.
Not much went on today.  We went out a few times for me to do my thing, then back in we came.

*note* this evening Devin and to go meet Nana outside for something. I popped out of my nest to join in when I saw Devin getting dressed to go outside.  Devin told me "be right back milo".  There was a part of me that had a hard time believing that.  I let out a few mild cries when Devin went out the door and closed it behind.   I was laying in the hallway for the return.    Can't be perfect all the time :)

Tomorrow is another day -

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