Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Old New Sounds. They're baaacccckkkkk......

There is this strange sound coming from upstairs.  Devin told me it's "the tree people", and they are back from their 6 month stay in Texas.  It sure was quiet without them around. 

I was a bit vocal with a few whines when I heard them stomping and moving about.  Devin told me it's going to take a bit for us to get used to them again.

We went for our morning walk, around the big loop. On our way home we met up with Dutches and her Dad.  We got a little tangled up and I let out a few good growls; I think its safe to say I found my voice.
All was well though, we walked together through the field for a little bit until she went off leash and zipped away. 

Devin brought my "training" bed in from the car. We used to use that to do target touch training, but haven't in a while. I worked without it last day, so now it's another bed for me to lay on.  Devin put it in the middle of the living room, it didn't take long for me to find it last night.  I took it for a test lay.  It's comfy, but not as comfy as my other beds. 

This morning while Devin set up for the morning workout, the bed was placed between the couch and my nest.  Oh I loooooooove being squished in places.  Devin told me i was going to end up with a stiff neck.
I didn't care, I was out cold before Devin started the workout routine.

Devin went to toss out the recyclables, leaving me alone without a KONG.  No cries, I just waited in my usual spot for the return.  Things are slowly falling into place.  *knock on wood*  "the tree people" don't make a sound that startles me when i'm alone.

Last night:
Sheepie and Me, testing out the "training" bed.
Oh yeah... z  z  z

When Devin came to bed last night, I was found sprawled out.  A few attempts were made to have me "move".  Each time I just shifted into a different position, finally I faked Devin out, making it look like i was going to comply, only to curl up against the pillows and blanket. 
Doing my thang. z  z zz
Still out cold.. z z  z z
Oh hey, when did you get here? streeeettccchhhhhh
Talk to the paw
Back out cold again.. z  z z  z z  z
Ok, fine i'll move....
But if i look real cute, do i have to still move??
Am I in the way if i lay here??
What if i curl up some??
How about now?


Testing things out again...
Oh those tree people are loud...
Comfy squishies

Devin's back on nights again; that means Nana is coming over for a visit tonight and tomorrow. Yay!

Nap time,

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