Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Being Adopted Has It's Perks :)

Boy was I ever tired from all my traveling the other day.  It sure felt good to be at home.

la la la    la la laaaa  la la laaaa la la lalalaala (guess that nursery rhyme)
Cuddling with Grampa Brian's pillow

We were on the last part of our walk this morning when Dana spotted us; she came over to say hi. She is always full of compliments saying how handsome I am and how good I look, what a good boy I am. I tell you, she's the one to go to if you're ever having a low self esteem day. *hehe*    I'm really not sure how we got on the topic but she went inside and came out with 2 frozen chicken feet and a beef neck for me.  Devin said we'd try that later on in the week.  Being adopted definitely has its perks;  Everyone just wants to make up for my "non domesticated" years by giving me tons of things. *hehe*  You won't see me every complaining!

My teeth are getting cleaned tomorrow.    Hopefully I'll walk out of there with a Colgate smile and all the teeth I went in there with.  Too bad Auntie Shelley didn't live closer, maybe she could scale my teeth for me throughout the year??

Frozen chicken feet, beef neck

 Right Side Teeth:
A bit of tartar/plaque build up.
Back teeth a little dirty, or stained, not sure...

  Front Teeth:
My lower front jibbies are worn down quite a bit.

Left Side Teeth:

Back teeth, lower a bit of build up
wayyyy back teeth dirty/stained, not sure
Little spots/chips in front teeth, hopefully not cavities. Eeeeep

Tomorrow is technically the last day of my clomicalm.  The receptionist said we'd see the difference within a week if I wasn't ready to come off of it.  I think i'm feeling just fine.  Yesterday Devin had to pop out to the car for a moment, I had a few soft cry moments, but nothing like I had been doing before.   Not to mention, Devin and I had just come in from a walk when this happened; It's what I do when Devin leaves fast after dropping me off.  It's all good :)

Likely more photos to follow later, who are we kidding; it's way too early in the day. :)
**in an hour or so Devin is going to go check the post office again for me, Maybe today is the day???**


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