Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby Steps Towards Recovery

I'm really liking this decrease in my medication (clomicalm).  On our morning walk I met a nice utility locator man.  He gave me scratches, I was all happy wags and greetings. 

We continued on our way, did the loop but cut through the field; it's easier on my feet, PLUS there are more smells there for me to sniff around at.

All in all it's been a rather lazy day. 
When Devin went to let Melissa in I was left alone in the apartment without any KONGS.
I didn't fuss at all, Devin opened the door a little too quick, my feet were near the door. I got outta there pretty fast. Once Devin and Melissa were inside, I had nothing but happy wags for her.

Devin did some laundry while Melissa was here. 

My reaction to Devin leaving for laundry:
1- KONG given with a few frozen cranberries:  Didn't mind the departure at all
2- I"ll be right back - signal that Devin was leaving. I ended up in my usual hallway spot for the return.
3- I didn't move from my nest
4- I went and laid on Devin's bed
5- Back in the hallway laying looking at the door.

 Baby steps - I'm slowly recovering from my mild separation anxiety.
Snuggling in behind my frog pillow case - giving the squinty eyed look

Watching Devin from the comforts of my nest.

Pj warmer - I like to lay on Devin's clothing.

Z  z z  ....


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