Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Time Boot Blues....

I had a bit of an upset yesterday when Devin was getting ready to work.
I was jumping around like a Ninny with my head cut off; stress panting the whole works.   Devin placed a panic call to Nana.  Nana said I could come over.  Off I went...

Nana kept me for the night. I was a greyt little boy for everyone.  Photos of the Nana sleep over to come (likely monday).

Photos from yesterday afternoon
Lazy Me

 zz z  z

I love to be surrounded by pillows and blankets

weeeeeeee z z zzz

nose covered

awkward legs

Really, Do you have to leave me? (getting ready for work)
YAY off to Nana's I go!!!

Really Devin? I thought we had this backseat thing cleared out?

On my way home from Nana's this morning  - no room to turn around

finally - made a space for myself

Ok, breakfast time! home


someone help me log on please...

Thank you :)

Now, where was I.... *thinking*

Oh bother..  I'll just nap

Yeah really Devin, we're going to try these again??

See if you can get me outside now :P

Nope.. Not going

I said, I'm NOT GOING
Nope... Okay well if you have a few green beans and a cookie, i'm willing to work with you.

We made it outside, I STOP DROP and ROLLED. All but two boots stayed on my feet. I was bucking like i belonged in the Calgary Stampede.   
Devin took the remaining boots off, I was full of P*ss and Vinegar still.. Zipping around I did!

Back home, maybe another stay over at Nana's tonight..we shall see....


PS anyone out there NEED a pair of winter boots???
Griff? Do you need a pair??  Ask your Mommy Gina. 


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