Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa!!! - Milo's First Christmas (Video and Photos)

Waiting for Santa to Come

Sleep with one eye open....


Devin was up bright and early this morning; By early I mean 7am. I choose to stay in my "nest" all last night.
I heard Devin creep into my "nest" and wish me a Merry Christmas.  I was rather unresponsive, A few sighs and shift...Devin then got up and went to make me breakfast.  As soon as I heard my bowl lift out of the stand, IT WAS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!   I stretched my way out of my "nest" and met Devin in the room where my food is stored.

 Devin woke me up -

It's early Devin....

Christmas Breakfast

 We first went for our morning walk then came back to open our Christmas gifts....




Angela got me my first Christmas outfit. ...
reindeer games??
Are we done yet??
Really Devin?

Back to playing :)

 Christmas is trying.... Off to the peace and quiet of the bedroom

Devin couldn't leave me be very long.... MONKEY HAT!!!!

 Nap time (again) - Too much excitement....

  RoUnD 3?

All Smiles
And back to sleep....

I best rest up, we are heading over to Nana's this afternoon for a our Christmas meal and stockings :)

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