Friday, December 9, 2011

A little bit of this and that...

Yesterday while on our walk we stopped by Nana's to warm up.  I waste no time when i bust through Nana's doors; always making a straight line for the "Treat" closet.

Please Nana, May I have another?

Comfy at Nana's.  Rye-Lee hanging out on the back of the couch


Rollin' around

Playing with Nana

Watching Nana

When Devin came home from work this morning I was found on the bed.  I loooove pillows and fuzzy blankets.  This morning was much like the previous morning. Devin had to beg and plead to get me off the bed.  I'm kind of a morning person. Not growly but I do like to take my time when getting up.

Can't you see i'm trying to sleep?
Oh just go away....

Yeah, I'm not listening

Really Devin? I'm not impressed

Putting my head back down
 Devin managed to get me outside for my morning walk.  When we came back home I gobbled my breakfast down and went back to bed.
Z z z
z z z
 We went out for a quick afternoon stroll.  I was actually wanting to go outside.  My spidey senses were tingling...The white stuff was falling again!!!!

Our footprints

Devin had to take the truck in to FINALLY put on the winter tires. I was a bit wound up and panicking when things weren't going how they ought to be.  It's all about patterns and routine with me.
I was pacing back and forth up and down the hallway, on the bed and off the bed while Devin got ready to leave.

Finally Devin sat down for a bit and told me to do the same.  I laid on my lamby blankie panting then finally put my head down and relaxed.  
Ignoring Devin- feelings hurt.

Not overly impressed about my routine being moved around
 Life isn't so bad after all. Devin gave me a few KONGS to keep myself busy....
KONG goodness!

 I kinda got into the bathroom garbage while Devin was out. No biggie, I just pulled out an empty toilette paper roll and a tissue you.  Devin should have given me the 5 KONGS like Shannon said...

Still need to be spaced out some so i'm not overfed.  Devin has to go into work tonight for a few hours :(

We'll have Saturday and Sunday together though.  Feels like Devin is at work more than at home these past 2 weeks....

Nap time~


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