Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vet Update and Sugar Plum Fairies...

My morning kinda started off early today.  Devin had me fed and loaded up in the car by 0730hrs.
We went to see Dr. Janet.  I was weighed in: 70.4lbs.  Nails were trimmed, and my teeth were given a look over.

Janet said I could wait until the new year for my teeth to be cleaned, we don't need to jump on it right now.
We will hear back tomorrow in regards to my urine test.   My pills (dosage) has been cut in half. So i'll only receive half a pill in the morning.  We'll see how that treats me over the next while.

I must admit i was less than impressed going into the exam room this time.  After the needle pick last visit.... Lets just say I haven't forgotten....

I went over to Melissa's again this evening (photos to follow below). Once i settled down, it was a nice relaxing time.

They are testing the fire alarm (in the hallways) tomorrow, so while Devin is out, i'm going to hang out over at Nana's, so the sounds don't potentially put me back a month in terms of having issues with being left alone.

Pretty busy day for me, i'm more than content to be in my "nest".

On my way to see Dr. Janet

Too much travel - tuckered out

Le sigh

I can curl up real good
Stopped by Nana's tonight for a quick visit.

Waiting to go in at Melissa's
 And here i've made myself at home....
While sugar plum fairies dance in my head....

z  z  z 


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