Friday, December 30, 2011

Milo's Arts & Crafts - BLAME "TERRY" (pterodactyl)

Nana came over around noon to check on me. We went outside for a short walk; on our way back in Nana realized she didn't have the house keys to get back in.  We ended up stairs at a woman's house (No stranger danger, Nana knew who she was) Nana had tea and a hermit cookie. I minded my manners :)

Silly Nana then remembered that she had keys still for the car, so off we went to Nana's house! *YAY*
Papa George had to go down to Devin's work to pick up the keys so I could go back home before Nana had to go to work. Phew* lots of running around.

Nana gave me my KONG just before leaving me.....

When Devin came home to find that I had a bit of a mess waiting on my towel.  I decided that i'd take it upon myself to try and knit something.  I'm all paws, and became frustrated - tore the packaging from the yarn, pulled the knitting needle half out of the project Devin was working on..... Tossed a few dryer sheets in the air.

My cover was going to be "blame Terry" the stuffed toy...He made me do it.

Knitting disaster

Er Hi.  What ?   It was Terry!  I was inside my "nest". He did it!

Then came time to put those darn blue things on my feet. I laid there like a deer caught in the headlights.
Still traumatized by the face plant and slide I did last night while wearing those darn red boots. *ugh*
I laid like this for a good 4mins...

Devin trying to dress me....

Okay, head in....

Still not moving....

Devin did manage to get me up and moving.  We went for our usual walk and bolted back home. It's freaking cold out there tonight!  -20c i'd say with the wind. brrrrrr  we were both happy to get inside.

Off to my "nest" is where i slinked off to... Thinking I'll spend the night out here again.


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